Saturday, 16 June 2012

Local knowledge an added advantage in domestic shifting

Packers and Movers understand paramount practices in domestic travels. Raj International Movers & Packers Bangalore is a leader in providing relocation and moving services to customers, governments and corporations. They are the provider with the universal contact and local capability to move anyone, anywhere, at any time. With over two decades of expertise analyzing and implementing relocation improvements, operational processes and inventive concepts have helped of satisfied customers with a verified methodology that ensures a quick yet really effective thorough relocation process. Packers and Movers do not just talk about it; their standing is built on the fact that they in fact deliver it.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Why do you need Packers and Movers for relocation?

In today's scenario the most important thing in everyone's life is time. Time is money and especially in metropolitan cities the life is very hectic. People have money but they don't have time to enjoy it. Earlier if one has to shift from one place to another people used to do it on their own but now the scenario has changed.
People hire Packers and Movers to relocate from one city to another city. Movers and Packers are the essentials of modern age civilization where all individuals are looking forward to reallocate in order to grab the earning and growing opportunities around the world.
All you want is a hassle free experience or you may have to face heavy cost on your relocation.
To find out a right mover for your shifting you need time and some research works done. If you will invest some time and do some research works only then you will be able to find out the right moving Packers and Movers service provider Bangalore. You should not go only with only attractive advertisements presented by packers and movers companies of Bangalore.
On the subject of finding out the best moving company, the first step you should take is making a list of various moving agencies of Bangalore. Classified ads in newspapers & magazines and internet searched can help you to making list. You can also ask your friends, generation and relatives for recommendation and warnings. On internet searches you can find information about movers of Bangalore with the keywords like Packers and movers Bangalore, Relocation Service Providers in Bangalore, Bangalore Moving Agencies, top moving companies etc.
After making a list of various agencies, visit their offices personally or call their representatives to your home. Remember – Never get estimate over a phone call. Take them in questions. Do not have fear asking questions. Remember, any good company will be glad to give you information about its services and reputation. Ask about their expertise and experience in the field of relocation and transport. Ask about services and staffs. Ask if their staffs are professionally trained or not. Ask if their staffs are of good background. Ask if the company is registered or not. Ask if the company has its own licensed transport vehicles or not. Ask what special with the company. Ask if the agency offers warehousing facilities or not. Ask about costs and make clear about any hidden costs.
The services offered by the packers and movers are:
Transportation: A unique transportation system of service where the size of the containers varies as per your requirement to deliver your stuff in one price and on time delivery point to another.
Loading & Offloading: In the mean time of delivery process at entire P & M take total responsibility of loading & offloading of your valuable with great attention in terms of handling of goods.
Special attention will be given for frozen items during the process.
Car Transportation: A specially designed car carrier is used to transport your high modeled cars, loading and offloading. Ramps are inbuilt in these car carrier where your car can be driven in smoothly into the corner and it is locked from outside.
And the car delivery to your destination on door picks & door delivery basis.
Ware Housing: We have a Ware Housing facility for short term or long term depending on the customer. The goods are stored on wooden pallet to prevent it from moisture, with clean, good and safety environment.
Insurance: Insurance is a most at some point of time for natural causes like accident, fire, theft and natural calamities etc.

Written by : Raj International Packers & Movers